Install agent for MacOS

Agent works only on MacOSX 10.13.


  • Screenshots at a specified interval

  • Screenshots at changing window focus

  • Count activity time in applcations

  • Keylogger

  • Intercept clipboard content

Agent download

If your version of StaffCop Server doesn’t support this option, download the Mac-agent installer following this link:

Agent installation

For installation download the agent on the targeted workstation you want to monitor and run the command

sudo bash ./StaffAgent-install-0.0.3-macmaster.bash

where you should state the IP-address of you StaffCop Server ( in the example) as the first argument.


After that you should log in the system to see a window “StaffAgent requires accessibility” - you need to give permissions to the agent:


Then you should log out -> log in the system once more. After that the agent will receive configuration and start sending data to the server.

Agent logs

Ar founf here:



Run command:

sudo bash ./StaffAgent-install-0.0.3-macmaster.bash uninstall