Web-interface of Staffcop Enterprise.


A service for collecting data on user activity that is installed on a workstation. Collected data is transferred to StaffCop Server in a specified intervals.


The interface of StaffCop Enterprise used for data view and analysis and for agents configuring.

Config, Agent Configuration

Monitoring settings for agents. Settings are set in the web-interface by an administrator and then get assigned to the agent at the moment of receiving data collected by agents.

tgresql database

Database management system used in Staffcop Enterprise which contains all the metadata collected by agents. Metadata is all the events generated on users’ workstations (e.g. activity time, file operations, e-mails, e.t.c). Without metadata all intercepted files don’t have any connection to events. Located in StaffCop Server in the directory /var/lib/postgresql/

Clikhouse database